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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 24, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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arrested, the others remain at large. >> leland: they should have just played powerball. >> shannon: it didn't work for us, but i'm not ramming any trucks. see you tomorrow. now, it's "happening now" ." >> jon: as lawmakers prepared her return to washington a week and a half an hour after the long labor day weekend, president trump is already feeling the heat. the republican party divided. hello, i'm jon scott. >> heather: and i'm heather childress. also looming, a possible government shutdown. the president making that threat this week as he tries to get congress to fund his border wall, but mr. trump who also called for national unity at a speech in reno yesterday, some people saying spending a whole different message than he did the day before in arizona. >> we have no division to deep
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for us to heal and there is no enemy to strong for us to overcome. because in america, we never lose faith. we never forget who we are, and we never stop striving for a better future. together, we cannot fail, we will not fail, we will make america great again. >> heather: chief white house correspondent john roberts joins us with more. >> it's one of those beautiful days where we have sunshine and the humidity is down, heather, picture-perfect in washington today. the president expects a lot from congress this fall and to make sure that they are in line with him, he set a series of meetings that we congress gets back. the most notable is with mitch mcconnell. the last time the two leaders talked was on the ninth of
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august in that profanity laced conversation over the telephone. the president addressed the chilled relations between the two on twitter this morning saying the only problem i have with mitch mcconnell is that after hearing repeal and replace for 7 years, he failed. that should never have happened. when host a source tells fox news that when the president meets with mcconnell in early september, he will ask him to take yet another swing at repealing obamacare. for mcconnell's part, he spoke with the kentucky farm bureau's ham breakfast this morning. he did briefly mention the white house, listen here. >> this new and administration in washington congress is interested in getting america growing again. put another way, taking our foot off the brake and putting it on the accelerator. >> the president saying this morning the only problem he has with mcconnell as obamacare, but he doesn't seem to have another problem with the senate majority leader as well as the
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speaker of the house tweeting i requested that mitch mcconnell and paul ryan tie the debt ceiling legislation and the possible va bill which just passed for easy approval. they didn't do it so now we have a big deal with dems holding them up, as usual, on debt ceiling approval. could have been so easy, now a mess. the president also weighing in on analysis of his three speeches this week and how there appeared to be different incarnations of the president can depending on which day. the fake news is now complaining about my different types of back-to-back speeches. well, there was afghanistan, somber, the big rally, enthusiastic, dynamic, and fun, and the american legion va, respectful and strong. to buy the democrats have no one who can change tones. in the president also taking a swing at the former director of national intelligence, james clapper who had a harsh assessment of the president following that tuesday night speech. listen to what klapper said. >> i really question his ability
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and his fitness to be in this office. this behavior and this divisiveness and the complete intellectual moral ethical void that the president of the united states exhibits and how much longer does the country have two borrow a phrase, and or this nightmare. >> hears of the president responded on twitter this morning. james clapper, who famously got caught lying to congress, is now an authority on donald trump. will he show you his beautiful letter to me? the line is a reference to the testimony of james clapper where he said the intelligence were not wittingly electing intelligence on americans. he reached out to the white house to find out. so far, no response. >> heather: the president will
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follow up on that, i'm sure there's a reason he mentioned it. thank you, john. >> jon: it's a beautiful letter. the deadline to get crucial spending bills passed in congress is september 30th while a rift grows between the president and some key members of congress. there is also division within mr. trump's own party. here is house speaker paul ryan reacting to the president's threat of a government shutdown. >> i don't think anyone's interested in having a shutdown. >> jon: a joining is now, bob q sackett editor in chief at the hill. there have been a bunch of government shutdowns at the hill, most of them pretty short. the general public is not happy about it when it happens. the question in this particular situation is where the government to shutdown in september or october, who gets the blame? >> republicans control washington, they have congress
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in the white house and both paul rhyno mitch mcconnell, they don't want a government shutdown, but they're dealing with a president who campaigned on the number one promise being the wall. the question is can i get the votes to pass? the democrats in the senate want to block it. i think we are heading for a shutdown. the chances are more than 50% that there's going to be a government shutdown. >> jon: that's because the president wants border wall building money in the budget. if he doesn't get it, what happens? >> if he doesn't get it, congress could pass some type of stopgap or big funding bill, but it could be vetoed by the president. this is a situation where you have a bipartisan bill vetoed, the question is will he have the votes to override the president? this is where we are headed because republicans and president trump is sniping at
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the majority leader. i think trump is getting very impatient that he has not gotten that while funding it and democrats are saying absolutely, you're not going to get one dime of that. i don't see a grand bargain deal coming anytime soon. >> jon: i thought mexico is paying for the wall, but that's another issue. the stock market right now is up about 26 or 27 points, what happens to the stock market and the financial infrastructure overall if the government shuts down? >> the markets don't like a shutdown, but what they're more spooked on is the defaulting if we don't raise the debt limit and that has to be done by the end of september. the administration, they want a clean debt hike, that's what steve mnuchin has said, but conservatives in congress want to put spending forms attached to that. that doesn't seem to have the votes to pass. the troubling thing is that even a clean debt ceiling hike may
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not have the votes to pass, their only 16 house republicans who backed the last so-called clean debt hike and some of them we talked to and they may vote no on such a bill. this is allowed to deal with and just a 3-4 weeks in congress comes back. >> jon: again, i'm trying to get back to the original question, who gets the blame? if the president wants his wall and congress won't fund it for him, the republicans are the majority, did they get the blam blame? >> i think i get the blame, but the x factor is that recent shutdowns between president obama and president clinton. every day, trump would be going after you would think democrats, but recently he's been going after republicans. the party has to unite this feud between mcconnell and trump. >> jon: that doesn't seem like
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it's happening. the president is happy to take on republican targets all across the country these days. >> it works with his base because those people who supported trump for the most part are blaming congress and republicans in congress, not the president for the stalled legislative agenda. at the same time, who knows what can happen over the next several weeks? there one vote away from health care, they just need a big win and they haven't got one recently. >> jon: and order to pass the debt ceiling increase, you need 60 votes in the senate, that's when you take some democrats. >> you need a lot of democrats in the house and the senate and democrats also are divided on some issues like abortion and single-payer, but we're not talking about that. they want a clean debt hike, they don't want any spending reform, so that's why i think that both sides are drawing this line in the sand and that's why
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a compromise is probably not going to happen, i think until there is a shutdown. >> jon: fasten your seat belts, it's going to be an interesting september. bob cusack from the help, thank you. >> heather: now this extreme weather alert for you. this is just coming from the national hurricane center and it says that harvey, we've been falling the storm for you, will be a category three hurricane before landfall. they just put out this advisory. harvey quickly strengthening and forecasting a major hurricane when it approaches the middle of texas, the middle of texas coast, i should say. life threatening storm surge, fresh river flooding expected. janice dean is going to join us in just moments come alive with more on this. i know she used the term catastrophic flooding for texas and louisiana earlier today, so we'll get more from her. in the meantime, the president's plan for afghanistan reversing his earlier call for a speedy exit for america's longest war. are more troops the right move?
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a plus some tough talk directed at russia, what secretary mattis told ukrainian leaders and the push for peace in the middle east. how the president's son-in-law is trying to jump starts a new talks between israelis and palestinians. speak out the relationship between israel and america is stronger than ever.
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>> jon: new information on some crime stories were watching. police in fargo, north dakota, now treating the disappearance of a pregnant woman is a criminal investigation. the 22-year-old was last seen weaving her parents apartment on saturday. ground, air, and river searches are now underway and her family is offering a $700,000 award on information on her whereabouts. a utah teen charged with first-degree murder after prosecutors say he bought a rope, tied a noose, and then
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filmed his friends suicide. his attorney fighting the murder charge claim and the young woman's death was a suicide and his clients actions did not rise to the level of murder. a death penalty landmarked in florida as the state prepares to execute a former white supremacist gang member making him the first white man ever sentenced to death for killing a victim and modern florida history. >> heather: breaking now, the president's push for his new strategy in afghanistan where he reversed pass calls for a quick exit, recommitting the u.s. to america's longest war and deploying more u.s. troops there. >> every foreign policy decision, we are making clear that we will always put the safety and security of our citizens first. that is why early this week, i announced a new strategy in afghanistan and south asia. we will pursue an honorable and enduring outcome in afghanistan,
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worthy of the tremendous sacrifice our troops have already made. we will give our men and women in uniform the tools they need and the trust they have earned to fight into win. >> heather: joining us now is fred kagan, director of institute's critical threats projects and architect of the military surge in iraq. vicki for joining us. recently, i had the honor of speaking with a gold star widow. she lost her husband in 2011. she said they need to have a new strategy for afghanistan. you had with the president had to say, do you think it's enough? >> i think it's a very good start and especially considering where the president had started, it's a very important
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demonstration of his willingness to change his mind and his willingness to commit to an incredibly important fight for american national security. >> heather: you approximately 8400 troops stationed there now, around 2011, we reached a peak of about 100,000 u.s. troops there. not a lot of details in this plan as to how many more troops we would be sending, but we do know that the goal is to take out terrorists. how do we do that and how to get help from pakistan? >> they've made it clear that his predecessor recognized something he did not. you can't go after al qaeda and isis without helping the afghans beat the taliban. one thing that's encouraging with the way the administration is talking about this approach is willingness to increase american support to national security forces which is absolutely essential if we are
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going to help afghanistan defeat al qaeda, isis, and similar groups and keep them out after the long term. >> heather: i know one of your big concerns in terms of numbers are additional bases and how many would be opened. >> there are a lot of factors that go into determining how many forces you need. i'm concerned about the footprint, the draw down this president obama ordered left us without significant positions from the country. i think it will be necessary for us to reopen some of those positions and unfortunately when you go to open a new base, it requires a fair amount of force so that is what is mainly make me concerned about the source of numbers that we are hearing floated out of the administration. >> heather: when you talk about surge, you know where were you seek -- i interviewed joey jones just yesterday and he was a bomb tech and afghanistan who lost both of his legs and he said he was there when the president simultaneously sent a
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surge and announced a withdrawal at the same time, so this is a big change. >> it is. in many respects, the most important thing president trump said was that we are committed to afghanistan and there is not a timeline and his decisions will be based on conditions on the ground. that's the only way to fight a war if you're at all serious about it and i think it's very positive indication of the change of his thinking. >> heather: his detractors say the exact opposite and that he is now making this an urban engine newer. >> the only way you can close this is to lose, you don't control war, you can't determine, you can't say we will win this war on or about september 5th, 2018. war doesn't work that way. if you actually understand anything about war, you have to understand that you have to be prepared to be flexible and you have to be prepared to take the time and energy that it takes to succeed. >> heather: read kagan, thank you so much. let's hope it ends soon.
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thank you. >> jon: up next, hurricane warnings up in texas as harvey gains strength in the gulf of mexico. we'll tell you where this storm is headed and what he could hit land. plus, many residents and barcelona still on edge after last week's horrific terror attack there. now people from all over the world are coming together in the city to pay tribute to the victims. >> i think you are safe as you can be, edward and stop me from coming here. i also think anything could happen anywhere whoooo.
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>> heather: welcome back, "happening now," harvey is heading for texas. winds have increased to 45 miles per hour and harvey could be a category three hurricane by the
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time it lands. a hurricane warning for all along the south texas coast, some areas could get up to 25 inches of rain, can you imagine? we'll keep you updated on this potentially life-threatening storm and to do that, janice dean is live for us in the fox weather center with the very latest right now. high hi janice. >> the storm is rapidly intensifying over the warm gulf of mexico waters and now we are expecting a category three major hurricane to make landfall along the texas coast and they have slowed on the timeline making landfall around saturday 7:00 a.m. again, we haven't had a major hurricane hit the u.s. coast and over a decade, so people need to heed these warnings. the other problem is not only are we dealing with swords terms -- storm surge.
8:25 am
harvey is expected to slow down as it makes landfall and once it makes landfall and bring locally upwards 2 feet of rain. this is a big storm, officials are now hunkering down and saying we have to put out our warnings now, there's not a lot of time to prep. if you are in an area that specifically evacuate during hurricanes, you need to make your preparations and complete them today. hurricane warnings right now and they're probably going to add more watches and warnings along the coastlines towards louisiana as we are expecting this storm to slow down. here is one of our reliable forecast models. this is saturday, we expected to make landfall. potentially a major hurricane and watch as it lingers sunday, monday, even into tuesday and potentially, there are a couple models that bring it back into the gulf of mexico making a second landfall towards louisiana. you can see as we go into
8:26 am
tuesday and wednesday, we are dealing with this storm system. i cannot stress it enough. if you live along the coast of texas and louisiana, making the preparations, completing them now. if you have to evacuate, do so. listen to your local officials. the pattern right now, we've got high pressure across florida, high pressure across the rockies, this is a walking pattern and that's why this is so dangerous. not only are we dealing with a major hurricane making landfall, but we are also dealing with a storm that is going to stall out and potentially catastrophic and life-threatening, please listen to your local officials. back to you. >> heather: janice dean, we will check with you again, thank you. >> jon: it's been one week since the terror attack in spai spain, six people died, more than 100 others were injured. tourists from all over the world are flocking to barcelona now to show their support. >> i think it's a safe place, it
8:27 am
wouldn't stop me from coming, not at all. here with children, no problems. >> jon: two memorials will take place in the city today morning the innocent lives lost. benjamin hall joins us now from london live. benjamin? >> hi john. we're still learning about the initial plot that the terrorists plan to carry out before that bomb blew up. three suspects back in court again yesterday, one of them speaking saying we had intended to kill hundreds and the main target would have been the barcelona cathedral, but police still trying to connect the dots, see how these people were radicalized and what held them together. they released this video where the plot was set to have been planned. they rated multiple apartments including that of the local mosque. new images emerge of the men who carry out the second attack just hours after they rounded their car into police and pedestrians
8:28 am
killing one. they were seen calmly at a gas station filling up just outside that town. the five of them were shot. there are two memorials being held in barcelona to commemorate the people who were killed. this is isis again praised those attacks and online video and called for more attacks in spain and around europe, meeting other countries are now on high alert and last night and holland, police canceled a rock concert following a tip-off from spanish police. they found a van with spanish plates containing gas canisters and the driver was arrested. another person was now suspected of involvement with the preparation of a terrorist attack. they are not thought to be connected, but authorities say they have specific evidence warning of an attack on that concert. the threat of attacks in europe is higher than ever. >> jon: benjamin hall,
8:29 am
thank you. >> heather: president trump reportedly lashing out at members of his own party over the russian investigation, why our next guest says this only reinforces the need to protect this investigation and its independence. plus this. unrest growing in rome where police are pitted against refugees, shining a light on the migrant issues in europe. honey? can we do this tomorrow? (grunts of effort) can we do this tomorrow? if you have heart failure symptoms, your risk of hospitalization could increase, making tomorrow uncertain. but entresto is a medicine that was proven, in the largest heart failure study ever, to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto.
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>> heather: break me now, police in rome in a clash with refugees during a mass eviction. the police are using water cannons to clear the area and douse fires as rocks, bottles, gas cans, all of that thrown at them. all of this as they try to force some 800 refugees from a building that they occupied for years. amy kellogg is live for us in milan, italy, with moore. amy? >> hi heather. these fields were vetted and granted asylum some years ago. they haven't been able to make italy their home. also, this really highlights how acute the housing problem is here. rome, milan, all of these cities have untold thousands of refugees living, squatting and vacant buildings and when this group was turned out, but given
8:34 am
no place else to go, it really did get ugly. this morning, this was the scene with police using water cannons and batons to get people off the square they had been sleeping in after the eviction from the building that they had been squatting in. the united nations has declared the lack of solution and greater strategy for these asylum-seekers and refugees who have been claimed by law to be in need of protection on top of the thousands in rome who are squatting and vacant buildings, the main receptions at center for asylum-seekers has been shut so there are also hundreds of sleeping on the sleep streets. the u.n. is cautioning that systems for immigration of these refugees needs to be vastly and i would say rather urgently improved. italy is pushing back now.
8:35 am
90,000 plus people have arrived by shore and what they are doing finally is getting the libyans to send many of them back. the coast guard have pushed boats of migrants back to shore, there also putting some pressure on the charitable organizations that have been accused of helping the traffickers get these refugees swiftly into the mediterranean. of course, that raises some ethical issues because when these refugees or migrants go back to or are forced to go back to libya, they're likely to suffer at the hands of the people. the big hope is that the deterrent for people setting off to libya and the first place makes those very dangerous sea crossings, ed could help keep the situation slightly under control in terms of the sheer numbers that have overwhelmed italy and of course, much of europe. >> heather: they definitely
8:36 am
didn't answer. amy kellogg live for us, thank you. >> jon: president trump reportedly is pressuring members of his own party regarding the russia investigations. this is lawmakers crack legislation to protect special counsel robert mueller. who is probing any possible ties between the president's campaign in moscow. the headline of a political are article catches our attention. the article goes on to say president donald trump privately vented his frustration according to people familiar with the conversation. in addition to the president's public admonishments of mitch mcconnell, john mccain and jeff flake. isaac wright a former executive director, david avella is the chairman of gopac.
8:37 am
that's a national organization and charge of electing the next generation of republican leaders. david, when you hear that a republican president is apparently leaning on senators from his own party, what goes through your mind? >> the only investigations that matter is the one robert mueller is investigating and the interaction that goes on between his legal team and mueller's legal team. let me also add as legal experts that have noted, the longer this investigation goes on, the more people will start to see that there is nothing to these claims if indictments don't actually start happening or real evidence isn't shown that somehow russia impacted the u.s. elections. >> jon: the investigation is underway, but so far nothing has
8:38 am
come out of it, what to be read into that? >> a lot has come out of it. they were talking about setting up meetings with vladimir putin and let's remember, that's the second senior trauma person, there was a campaign official that came out earlier that were trying to set up meetings with vladimir putin. paul manafort who is now in hot water for wandering up to $100 million of russian money, i think a lot has been coming out of this, that's why the investigation needs to continue. it's why we cannot allow obstruction of justice by our president trying to pressure senators of his own party into interfering with the investigation because we need the truth. >> jon: there's nothing that says that what he's done so far, david, amounts to obstruction of justice. he's pressuring senators, but there may not be any they are there, we don't know. >> he side conversations with
8:39 am
senators, there is nothing wrong in america with two people having a heated discussion and voicing their opinions. the other interesting thing about this is isaac made some very broad stroke brushes there, no democrat has said there is no thinking that made them think hillary clinton should not have been elected president of the united states. not one democrat has come out with specifics to help russia impacted the election. >> we should default to the intelligence community who has unanimously said that the russians were interfering and meddling with our election. i don't understand why the impoundments on the other side of the aisle say american democracy should be protected and defended against these foreign enemies, that shouldn't be a partisan issue. we should all be able to agree on that. for that matter, we should all be worried about the fact that jared kushner still has a
8:40 am
national security clearance of 40 days after it became public he scheduled a meeting in order to attempt to collude with the russians and then denied and falsified, covered it up, leaving it off his national security documents to get the clearance. >> jon: the russians have long sought to metal and many elections, not just ours. the united states has meddled in elections in past. >> wow. i'm amazed that we are equating our country with russia. it is disappointing, it's a something president trump did. that is a false moral equivalency which we have worked so hard to deport democracy. we've seen where russia has meddled successfully in eastern european elections. >> jon: david, you have the last word.
8:41 am
>> you know you have a problem when president obama sent his chief campaign strategist over to deal with the israeli elections. >> jon: does the issue i was talking about. >> those were democratic elections, those weren't interfering with the negative intentions. there's a difference between cyber warfare. >> specifically, what did russia put out there that made one american have a different opinion of hillary clinton? speak out they hacked countless emails and turned them over, they employed spots on the internet and social media, this stuff is well reported. the u.s. intelligence agencies are talking about it to try to create a smoke screen that that doesn't exist. it's downright silly and farcical. >> find me voters who first heard that information and got a different opinion of hillary clinton. people had the repenting of hillary clinton. >> dave's point is it's okay to
8:42 am
meddle in our election. that's what you just said. >> it's not okay. what you haven't done is proven that the information they received impacted their view of hillary clinton, thus who they ultimately voted for. >> jon: we have to leave -- >> at sonic question whether they hacked our elections, it's whether or not they were successful. >> jon: they didn't hack or elections, they didn't change any votes. we have to leave it there, gentlemen. thank you both. >> heather: heated. a federal judge taking action against a voter identification law and texas, blocking a version backed by the trump administration, why he's calling to propose new requirements ate cold tax on minorities. our legal panel weighs n.
8:43 am
and defense secretary madison seems to be putting russia president putin on notice making it clear that washington will not accept moscow's takeover of ukraine's crimea region and what he is now accusing russians of trying to do. >> and despite russia's denials, we know they are seeking to redraw international borders by force, undermining the sovereign and free nations of europe. hey, i've got the trend analysis.
8:44 am
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them affordable coverage by impartially shopping highly rated insurers, offering over 70 policies. dad you're coming, right? you promise? i promise. keep your promise. >> jon: new information now on u.s.-russian relations with defense secretary madison now openly accusing president and his government of trying to redraw international borders by force. as mr. madison assured ukrainian leaders that washington will not accept washington's takeover of the crimea region. >> the u.s. and our allies will continue to honor our commitments and our sanctions
8:47 am
will remain in place until moscow reverses the actions that triggered them. >> jon: they have killed more than 10,000 people since 2014. >> heather: breaking now on a texas voter identification law where the federal judge tossing it out yet again, rejecting the changes signed by texas governor abbott this summer which are backed by the trump administration. joining us now, kent zimmerman and jesse weber. thank you both for joining us. let's talk about the changes. they allowed people who lacked a required i.d. to cast a ballot if they sign an affidavit and then they had anything that showed an address, pay stub, bank statement, utility bill. this judge said it's still dickerman is tory basically. why do you think she came to that determination?
8:48 am
>> you can have a law that has a discriminatory impact and it can be upheld as long as there is no intent. what you have is an earlier version of the law that was thrown out the fifth circuit court of appeals implemented all of these new changes. the texas legislator adopted all of those changes and now you have this judge and still throwing up a lot, is not going to be held upon appeal. what you have is a law that simply says that a person who wants to cast a ballot nation show one of several forms of identification and if they can't, all they have to do is sign an affidavit and showing summing with their name and address on it. i have to show my idea when i purchase anything with a credit card. this is a guaranteed privilege and a right. >> heather: it seems to make common sense. kent, i don't understand why that would be discriminatory. >> jesse has a point, every u.s. citizen has a right to vote. they also, according to the constitution should not be
8:49 am
discriminated against and should not be intimidated when their voting. with the court said in this case is that there are a number of reasons why they are intimidated. for example, on the form that the legislature approved, there is a threat of prosecution for an unrelated crime of perjury that has a chilling effect when it comes to people going out to vote. even in this case with their new revised law, you can't, in texas, use a federal i.d. issued by the federal government or a state i.d. issued by the texas state government in order to verify your identity. >> heather: explain what that means because you can use a driver's license, you can even use a gun license. then we talked with the affidavit that you can sign. what type of i.d. are you talking about? >> a nondriver's license, texas i.d. card, or federal i.d. card can't be used. a passport can.
8:50 am
what the court said is that there is a discriminatory result, particularly on african-americans and hispanics because of the types of cards that are allowed to be used and the types that can't be used. i would also say one other thing, heather, it's not some kind of widespread voter fraud problem in texas. there have only been two cases that have been prosecuted successfully where people have voted and it's turned out to be fraudulent in texas. so it's not even clear what problem they're trying to solve, if they're trying to make one. >> heather: it's probably heading to the supreme court. thank you both for joining us, we'll see what happens next. thank you. >> jon: a fox news alert and another terrible boating accident in brazil, this for the second day in a row. if you're looking at yesterday's accident in which a boat carrying 70 people sank on a
8:51 am
major river in northern brazil, at least 19 people died. today there's been a second accident, 100 people on board, at least a 22 people have died. more as we get it and we are back in just a moment.
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8:54 am
>> jon: right now, the aftermath of a tour bus collision with a four-wheel-drive vehicle. it happened near australia's gold coast, 19 people including a pregnant woman were hurt. thankfully, no one seriously injured. >> there has been a lot of luck involved with this accident. we had a family of four and a bus with close to 15 people on board. we had some minor injuries, but we are very fortunate. >> jon: wet weather in the area played a role in this accident.
8:55 am
>> heather: some new information on renewed efforts to restart peace talks in the middle east as jared kushner, the president's son's son-in-law is in the region meeting today with both israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and mahmoud abbas. hi konnor. >> jared kushner is said to meet with mahmoud abbas, but he met with prime minister netanyahu earlier today. he's extreme they committed to forging a middle east peace plan and that deal would bring prosperity to the region. kushner arrived in israel after meeting with leaders from saudi arabia, jordan, and egypt. it's hard to see any progress made towards a peace agreement. palestinians continue to seek a definitive statement from president trump supporting palestinian states, something he has not done.
8:56 am
not an yahoo! -- there's a lot of politics, as always about progress being made and what exactly a deal will look like. one thing we've heard from palestinians as with all the meetings, there still is no clear road map on exactly how they will get to some type of agreement. that's a lot of the frustration. >> heather: we'll see what happens with meetings today. >> jon: knew next hour of speech anyone, more on the border wall and the threat of a government shutdown of congress won't pay for it. what that could mean to the rest of the legislative agenda. plus, someone is about to become very, very rich. where the ticket was sold and
8:57 am
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>> heather: we'll see you back here and an hour. >> jon: "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: we begun with a fox news alert. forecasters at the fox weather news at center state tropical storm harvey will become a major hurricane before landfall. that storm will be packing winds of 120 miles per hour at least. people along the coast bracing for the worst. janice is joining us, i want to add this from the governor of texas. state of disaster now declared 4:30 counties in that state. >> we have not had a major hurricane hit the coastline since 2005 and texas has not dealt with a hurricane since 2008. i'm concerned


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